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With fantastic coffee and deliciously unique tea blends, Caffe Clifton is the perfect place for a quiet cozy curl-up, business meetings, or catch up with friends. We hope you will want to come back to us again and again.

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    All our coffee is supplied by the local Clifton Coffee Roasters who pride themselves on sourcing, roasting and supplying the world’s finest specialty coffees. Our staff have received full barista training from them to make sure every cup is of the highest quality. If you are a chocolate lover we have just what you need. Made from the finest quality cocoa and available with delicious syrups and toppings – go on, treat yourself!

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    ATTIC tea are a local company that source their tea directly from small farms in China and create their own delicious blends. Served in its natural loose form in a unique ATTIC tea maker, each tea has its own unique taste and health benefits which we would be happy to explain to you. All of them are considered TEATOX which means that our teas help you to live a more positive and healthy life by harnessing the natural power of tea.

    TeaPigs provide our more traditional but still exquisite tasting teas. Using only quality whole leaf wrapped in a spacious transparent mesh bag, these teas are served in a teapot and deliver exceptional flavour.


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