Want to explore? Bristols Booming Art Scene

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welcome to bristol img2

Here in Bristol you are bound to come across various things that you may not find in any other city, a number of diverse restaurants, hot air balloons flying above you and a range of music for everybody’s taste. However one thing that Bristol has to offer which is more obvious than the rest is its amazing art scene.


From Banksy’s street art to Damien Hurst’s skull painting Bristol has it all to offer and with new talents being discovered constantly it is definitely one of the most exciting places to be right now for art and culture.


With all of this amazing art right on your doorstep it would be crazy not to go out and discover it all. But where should you start? How about on the streets!

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Stokes Croft.


Amongst the exciting restaurants and clubs along Stokes Croft you are likely to find yourself admiring the brilliant art that covers these establishments. With shop front after shop front decorated in colour Stokes Croft is clearly a huge art hub within Bristol. With political street art to murals this street if perfect to stroll down and take in art work from the likes of street art legends Banksy and Inkie.


The Bearpit.


An underpass situated beneath St James Barton Roundabout The Bearpit is another one of Bristol’s finest open air galleries. The circular area is a haven for street artists to express themselves through paint, with people skateboarding, singing and being creative in every sense you have to go to The Bearpit.



Amongst the amazing street art Bristol has to offer we cant forget about the amazing galleries situated all over the city.



Spike Island.


A tea factory turned gallery space; Spike Island is one of Britain’s leading contemporary art galleries and stakes a major claim to being a hub of cultural significance in Bristol. Within Spike Island there are also various different studio spaces for artists and also a studio space for University of West England Fine Art students to be creative and study their practise. There is constantly new art coming through the doors.

 spike island




Another former tea factory beautifully situated on the dockside in Bristol the Arnolfini is an amazing venue offering brilliant exhibitions from artists such as Sir Richard Long, Turner Prize winner Rachel Whiteread and currently showing lots of brilliant work from Grayson Perry. Not only does the Arnolfini showcase visual art it also shows various other forms of art such as film, performance, dance and music events. The Arnolfini is a key part of Bristol’s current art scene and is also home for Graphic Design, Illustration and Drawing and Print students of the University of West England allowing new and fresh ideas to roam free within the beautiful grade 2 listed building.



So that is our ideas for where we at Caffe Clifton believe you should visit your journey around Bristol’s buzzing art scene. After getting lost within all this amazing and inspirational art why don’t you pay us a visit, grab a relaxing drink and see the art we have to offer around our café.  

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