How to be a Sustainable Café

art close up ecology 886522
art close up ecology 886522

As visitors here on this earth, it is our duty to take responsibility for the planet and “do our bit” to protect it. By making just a few small changes in our daily lives and business habits, we can begin to make a positive difference to the world we live in.

By being a “green” café you’re not only protecting the planet, but you’re also encouraging and supporting your customers to do the same. Research has revealed that many consumers prefer to purchase from green businesses. And we think that’s great!

Second to oil, coffee is the most tradable commodity. But this high demand for caffeine is having a devastating effect on the environment, which is why now more than ever as coffee shop owners and customers we must all work together to make sure this big beautiful rock we call home is safe and happy for all to enjoy in the future generations to come.  


Here’s what we’re currently doing to ensure our footprint is a positive one:


Think Less Plastic, More Plant-Based Packaging

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Plastic is a huge problem within the retail environment, but here at Caffe Clifton we are ensuring that we reduce our use of plastic as much as possible. We use bio-degradable take-away cups and lids, stirrers, straws!

Alongside this we also offer a 30p discount to those who bring their own reusable cups/containers, just as a “thank you” for being environmentally kind and considerate.


Ethically Sourced Coffee

Clifton Coffee Logo on wood

This is a must. For everyone involved. From farmer to consumer. We source our coffee from local distributors, Clifton Coffee who ethically source their coffee from direct traders. The Clifton Coffee Village Espresso beans we use at shade grown which uses the principles of natural ecology to promote a healthy eco system in which the forest is preserved.

Source Locally


As and independent coffee shop it is vital to the community to support other local independents. We do this by sourcing our coffee locally from Clifton Coffee, our cakes locally from Cakesmiths, and we make a point to source all of our other ingredients and cleaning products from local distributors.


Support Other Sustainable Local Businesses/Artists


Above: Paintings done by Natasha - Coffee Brush Art

As well as supporting local businesses, it’s also important to support and collaborate with local artists and creatives in order to create interesting events and energies to be shared with the greater local community.

Currently we are collaborating with numerous creative groups and individuals, such as, Aim2Be (an online platform dedicated to sharing knowledge and events) and Natasha from Coffee Brush Art (a sustainable media artist). Be sure to check out both facebook pages for upcoming events.

We will be hosting a Coffee Paint Workshop with Natasha at the end of this month, Tuesday 28th of May. Perfect for kids, families, friends, everyone!

“The idea for my art is Waste less use more.  My message is simple: look around you. We don’t need plastic paint tubs and chemical pigment to create art as nowadays we know a lot about the impact they have on the environment and on our precious health

I have always liked the idea of making something out of nothing even before the actively publicized Environmental issues. My house had collages made from shopping tags, traveling tickets, wine corks, old maps, tree branches from the local woods and so on.” – Natasha, Coffee Brush Art


Be sure to check out the event on Facebook and come along- Link below!


Reducing Waste

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Waste is a problem that all food and drink businesses face, and it’s a problem that more and more businesses are combating. Through using services like Too Good To Go, businesses can maximize profits and minimize waste through selling the last of the days stock instead of throwing it away.

Rather than throwing away coffee grounds, why not donate them to a local gardening group, or make a complimentary face scrub for your cutomers to take home. Coffee grounds are also perfect for making coffee ice cream or cake! Yum!

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