Gromit Check-In

wallace and gromit
wallace and gromit

With the Gromit Unleashed 2 trail in full swing, we were wondering how you are managing with finding all 67 sculptures? It's almost the half way mark and with one more month to go, let's see if we can find them all!

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Are you adventuring without the aid of a map? Going crackers with all the hills you have to climb around Bristol? We completely understand - Bristol is like one big (but beautiful) gym!

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When you have conquered your quest of climbing up the daunting Park Street, at Caffe Clifton we have you covered with some Wallace and Gromit themed food to make you feel just like the incredible inventor Wallace!

Wensleydale & Cranberry Toastie - Wallace's favourite crumbly cheese, made even more enjoyable melted - our favourite too!


Cheese & Crackers - do not get your trousers in a twist, we have not forgotten the staple which started it all - enjoy a nice range of cheeses with their perfect match of crackers! Match made in heaven!

Iced Tea - it's definitely too hot for a regular cup of tea so why not enjoy a refreshing iced classic whilst working up a sweat completing the trail! The ideal refreshment.

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Make sure you come say hello (we're a friendly bunch who love a good chat with our customers). We will donate a chunk of each sale of these items above to The Grand Appeal - happy hunting!

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