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local graff 7.19 blog
local graff 7.19 blog


Over the decades almost every major city in the world has in one time or another experienced a renaissance of art and culture. From Soho, New York to Berlin, Germany and now to Bristol. Through supporting the development of the local artist community, Bristol has taken on some pretty unique and groovy perspectives which have enabled it to grow into the UK’s most artistic city!


Enhancing the quality of life for a community/city through arts and culture is vital for the personal enjoyment, stimulation and interaction with the public. From bringing people together to financially supporting students and locals, having a thriving art-force is something we are very fortunate to have here in Bristol, after all - “One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture, and, if it were possible, to speak a few reasonable words.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Here’s why and how you can help local artists flourish:


-         Invest and buy artwork by local artists

 coffee painting

Above: Giraffe with Coffee- Natasha Brown

The greatest way to support your local economy and art community is by purchasing work made or created  by local artists/creatives. Not only does this mean that you walk away with a beautiful piece of work, it also means that you are beginning to invest your money in assets. As a café, having rolling exhibitions is so important! The mor artists work we can get out there, the better! Come and check out our recent exhibition by Natasha Brown which focuses heavily on sustainable art  by using organic, raw materials such as coffee!



-         Attend events ran by local artists

 rejoining jane

Above: Tick-Tock Bridget

There’s no better way to show support than to physically do so and show up to events/workshops being ran by artists. It’s also a great way to break-away for the sometime boring routine of everyday life and adds an extra bit o’ flavour to your weeknights. So check out our up-coming events and come down for one of our many events from life-drawing by United Models Life Drawing Bristol to performance story-telling by Tick-Tock Bridget.



-         Host events that support the local creative community

 life drawing blog 2019

Above:Painting from a United Models Life Drawing event

In the age of freelance workers and artists what better way to grow and develop than networking with those just like you! Networking events are a great way to meet others in the creative industry or business industry who could potentially be a helping hand and vice versa. Every month at Caffe Clifton we host our friends over at Aim2Be’s Communitea evening which brings a group of amazing beings together with the intent of helping each other and hearing each other.


-         Network and trade skills with other artists


Above: Aim2Be:

In a time when money makes the world go ‘round why not make care your currency and reach out a hand to those in need? We each possess many different useful skills, some that others may be in need of and vice versa. So why not exchange a skill for a piece of art? Maybe you’re a web developer in need of a gift for your wife, or perhaps you’re a local florist in need of a space for a pop up event, and perhaps there’s a café out there looking for some new flowers/plants! *cough cough* WE ARE!  Offer a helping hand and see what kindness karma can return to you! 









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