A Fairtrade New Year


With 1st January just around the corner you will inevitably be asked ‘What is your new year’s resolution?’

Our suggestion is going fairtrade in 2018.

Bristol has been a proud ‘Fairtrade City’ for 12 years so long may it continue! 

What is the benefit?

Being fair-trade gives fair standards that are set for companies, the farmers and workers. This includes protection of rights for workers including the fair-trade minimum wage which a vast amount of people use to fund education (26% of plantation workers do this!) This benefits millions of people worldwide promoting equality for all both in work and in turn their education in some cases.


 fairtrade loo

How can we do this?

There are a number of ways that we can support this. Buying fair-trade goods and supporting the businesses which provide them is a good way to begin!

Buying fair-trade

Many products are fairtrade certified. There are the better known fairtrade products such as bananas, coffee, tea etc… but there are hundreds of products that can be sourced as fairtrade such as clothes, flowers, beauty products etc… The possibilities are endless! There are many ways to buy fairtrade, but there are a few online stores that are favourites of ours if you cannot find a local store near you.





Supporting fair-trade businesses


On your way to come and see us there are many shops in the area which are proudly fair trade such as Pink Lemons, Amulet, Lush, Better Food Company, Clifton Coffee Roasters and more….

At Caffe Clifton our menu is all sourced from local suppliers and items we cannot source locally are fair-trade. We were recently called ‘Best for Fairtrade’ by Neptune’s Home stores. Come and enjoy a coffee, snack and fair trade experience with us 7 days a week.

 Happy New Year

Happy New Year

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