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At Caffe Clifton we offer an array of sweet and savoury nibbles. We try our hardest to source from local producers so you can get a real taste of Bristol when you visit. Our food is made fresh each day and prepared just when you order it. And all of our ingredients have been meticulously selected to ensure that they do not contain unnecessary preservatives.


Offer Pre-Booked Afternoon Tea Events


PASTRIES - Selection of freshly baked pastries £1.50

TOASTS - 2 slices of toast with butter and jam/marmalade/honey £2.00


A pastry or two slices of toast and a hot drink for £3.50



Toasted Sandwiches £3.50/ * £3.70


Houmous, Tomato and Rocket (Vegan)


Bacon & Cheese


Ham & Cheese

Tomato & Cheese (Vegan option available)

*Ham, Tomato and Cheese

*Goats' cheese and Caramelized onion (Vegan option available)

* Stilton and Cranberry

* Goats' cheese and Bacon


To support Gromit Unleashed 2:


£3.50 Wensleydale and Cranberry Toastie (50p donation)

£2.50 Iced Charitea (35p donation)

£3 Crackers and Cheese (£1 donation)


For just £5 you can enjoy any toasted sandwich, a packet of crisps or fruit and a Hot or selected Cold drink!


Sweet Treats

A selection of cakes and sweet treats are on display on the counter.

We always have several options which are vegan and gluten free.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you interesting in buying a whole cake for any special occasion.


Assorted Pastries £1.60


Cakesmiths Slices (GF and Vegan  options)... £2.80 -£3.00


Muffins (assorted flavours)... £2


Chocolate Brownie Cookie £1.95


Smarties Cookies.... £1.95


Spitz Hazelnut Wafers.... £1.50


Meringues.... £2.75


Our cake selection is updated regularly so please pop in to see what is new that day.



 Events Menu



Option 1: Prosecco or Elderflower and Afternoon Tea

£17.50/ £13.50 a head- £5 deposit per head.

Cold selection of sandwiches, cakes (including scones), tea and the chosen drinks.



Option 2: Hot drink and Cake deal

£4.50 per head- £2 deposit per head

A regular sized coffee, tea or hot chocolate and a choice of cake or pastry from

our extensive menu. Upgrade to a large drink or add syrup for only 30p










Option 3: Tempting Toasties

£5.00 a head- £2 deposit per head

Includes a toasted sandwich, a cold or hot drink and a packet of crisps (please note that toasties are subject to waiting time which means they may not come out all at the same time)


Toasted Sandwiches

Ham and Tomato

Ham and Cheese

Tomato and Cheese

Goats' cheese and Caramelized onion

Stilton and Cranberry

Goats' cheese, tomato and rocket

Houmous, Tomato and Rocket



Option 4: Evening Selection

£4.50 a head- £2 deposit per head

Bottle of Corona or Heineken

Packet of crisps or popcorn


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