Weird and Wonderful Toasties

banana choc toasties 3
banana choc toasties 3



Bread is the blank canvas for all true sandwich artists.

Hey, nice to meetcha. I’m a (self-proclaimed) sandwich artist.

Now I’m a big believer that almost everything can be sandwiched between two gorgeous pieces of  freshly baked bread and toasted, and it will be even more delicious than before. And to prove I’m right here’s some weird and wonderful combos that just work! Don’t take my word for it, grab yourself a hot pan (by the handle,duh) and try them out!


1.Brie, Goats Cheese, and Cheddar

 Three Cheese Toastie

(Photo: bakers Delight)


2. Cream cheese, Blueberry and honey

 blueberry toast

 (Photo: Kayla Itsines)


3. Homie Toastie: Hummus, Red Onion Jam, Rocket, Goats Cheese, and Ham



Okay so there's no photo yet of this beautiful beast, so I guess you'll have to get your butts down to Caffe Clifton to check out our brand new version of a club sandwich - less "club" and more "home" vibes! Keep cosy and carry on!



4. Nutella and Banana

 banana choc toasties 2

(Photo: Recipes Plus)


5. Peanut Butter and Jelly

 Penaut Buter Jelly 300x300

(Picture: Ambrosia Australia)


6. Applie Pie Toastie: Apple, Brown Sugar, and Cinammon

 Apple pie toasties main

(Picture: Living and Loving)

7. Brie + Hot Cross Bun Toastie

 hot cross bun toastie

(Picture: Grill My Cheese)


You are welcome!

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