How to Picnic in the City - Bristol

picnic june2
picnic june2

How to Picnic in the City - Bristol


“Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirty and gritty” – Yup, that’s summer in Bristol alright! But we’re so fortunate to have some cool outdoor hangout spots right on our doorstep! Which is where the humble picnic comes in, it is the perfect way to spend a summers day in the city! They’re a fun way to enjoy time with your family or friends outside without spending a bomb on some fancy al-fresco dining, and If you're wanting to go on one, planning ahead with these nuggets of knowledge will help you  plan to perfection! But first….


Pick your location.

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Like I said, Bristol has some really groovy outdoor spots! You’ve got the Clifton Downs for a romantic roll around the grass, College Green at the bottom of Park Street for a study or work break with some friends, and the Arnolfini/Harbourside is a definite favorite! Nothing like letting your legs dangle over some water on a hot day – just a shame you can’t swim in it!


So now that you have a place, we need the basket of goodies!


Something savoury:

the ultimate picnic 600 6 of 26



Sandwiches, crisps, olives, nuts, veg and hummus, oh yes! Sarnies are a must, but don’t forget the snacks whatever you do! Every sandwich needs a friend.


Something sweet:

 fruit kebabs



Where there’s savoury, there must always be sweet. We like having a piece of fruit or cake to follow our sandwich down the hatch to make us feel satisfied ‘n tickled too. Speaking of down the hatch....


Something to sip:

SAM 6104


It’s summer for gods sake! As if you need to be reminded that drinking is a must in hot weather – whether its water, elderflower presse or a nice chilled corona.

Just remember to look for drinks in glass bottles, as these are way more sustainable than their plastic counterparts. Yes, they’re heavy – but lets not be a drama queen! Think of mother nature!


What’s that? You don’t have time to put a picnic toether…. Oh no!

picnic june


Don’t worry though, we’ve got your grass-stained butts covered with our picnic bundle. With the choice of 2 x sandwiches, 2 x crisps, 2 x pieces of fruit, 2 x slices of cake, and 2 x drinks it makes for the perfect afternoon with a loved one – more than just a tinder a date? Double up for a group for you! So come and get it while it's hot outside!


Some other great, useful extras to think about when you’re packing your picnic. It’s all about the details, after all…


- Sun cream

- Insect repellent

- Herbs + lemon (for drinks)

- Sustainable packaging - No plastic strawers please!

- Blanket

- Chess board

- Bottle opener

- Portable speaker

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