Why first date coffees are better than first date cocktails

Coffee Date
Coffee Date

After the parties of New Year, attention soon starts to turn to Valentines day. Whether a die hard Romantic or a perpetual singleton we've all been through an awkward first date. Sure, that cool new bar in Southville might be on your Bristol tick list, but with the crowds around that bar, you could spend more time queueing for your drink than actually speaking to your date. There are also so many great Cafe's dotted around Bristol. Venture from city centre up Park street and there are dozens, all with their own specialties, from Sourdough Doughnuts to Freak shakes. Cafe dates aren't the same old chain coffee shop anymore, so support your local baristas!

Here's some more ways that coffees beat cocktails:

1. There is also always more pressure on a date when going to a bar. Bars always have an unpredictable dress code, you may think you're going for a quiet one in the local so throw on a pair of jeans and that new t-shirt you keep getting compliments on, then you end up going to some edgy bar where everyone is in heels and blazers, nightmare.

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2. Cafes win on the price front. January and February are always a time to try and count the pennies, going out for drinks, even happy hour can end up really costing you. How are you supposed to find the one in time for a Valentine's romance when you have £73.40 left in your bank account? The average latte will set you back around £2.70; a much more economical way to spend a lazy Sunday morning.

3. With a coffee date you know where you stand. It is often better to be more casual and relaxed on a first date, you can slouch back into comfy armchairs and split a cake. You are also more likely to see cute dogs in a cafe which is always a bonus, and a great talking point if conversation isn't flowing.


4. Coffee dates are also a lot easier to make a quick escape if the date isn't going so well!  You can easily say before hand that you've only got an hour spare to quickly grab a flat white, it is a lot harder to make your excuses and say you've got to get back home to finish an essay after a double G&T than it is a mid-afternoon coffee.

5. Cafe's are ultimately a much better place to start the date than a bar because it leaves you more scope to carry on the date afterwards. If you meet for a drink at eight and it goes well there really aren't many options to go on to other than more drinks. If you meet for a coffee in the day you could, go for a walk around Clifton, Head onto a museum or gallery, even try axe throwing or roller skating, Bristol is full of weird and wonderful things to do.

(Credit: Visit Bristol)

So next time you're looking to meet face to face with the person that you've been chatting to for weeks, or are having a date with your oldest friend, make it a coffee date, and visit yours truly at Caffe Clifton!

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