What's Your Coffee Personality?

coffee again
coffee again

Hello coffee, our old friend.

Where would we be without you?! For all the late night workers, new parents who’ve forgotten the meaning of ‘sleep’ and just for us cranky culprits who need a helping hand in the morning to get us going. Whether you have it in your favourite mug with the cracked handle or sat in a buzzing café on the high-street; we all have a certified coffee ritual that begins our day.

But what does this say about us? Is the java we drink a reflection on ourselves? Maybe, maybe not! Take this quiz and find out…


1. Finally the weeks over and Friday night’s rolled around. What’s your favourite way to spend the evening?

a) Curled up with a big slice of pie in front of the telly – pyjamas, your pet dog and a book to fall asleep with, check!

b) Checking out the new wine bar in town, only to buy a gin and start a new trend. Light jazz plays in the background.

c) Hitting the clubs with the girls and dancing to 90’s pop.

d) Salsa class, followed by Zumba and dancing to live music!  


2. What’s your spirit animal?

a) A golden retriever, loyal loving and basically a big bundle of joy.

b) A dalmation, a more sophisticated kind of dog…and dalmation print is in, right?

c) Unicorn. A sparkly, glittery, magical unicorn.

d) Cheetah – fast! Fiery! A wild cat.


3. What’s your favourite sweet treat?

a) A big slice of Victoria sandwich cake. Or maybe a slice of gran’s apple pie, anything home-made, big and made with love.

d) A nibble on a piece of dark chilli chocolate; something little that packs a big punch.

c) C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E! Of any variety!

b) A new trendy vegan bake, packed with the latest super berry.


4. Which of these is your dream house space?

a) A rickety, cosy bungalow. Lots of colourful rugs, old armchairs and a fireplace with a roaring fire for winter nights in.

b) A sleek and stylish city apartment. Ikea furnishings, exposed brick work and plumbing throughout.

c) A new house with a walk in wardrobe and colourful walls, decorated with photos of friends and cute signs.

d) Minimal but filled with exotic furnishings from your travels, you’re on the move so much you don’t have much time to worry about your house!



The scores:

Mostly a’s: You are the classic, nations favourite – a freshly brewed filter coffee and a splash of milk. This is the go to coffee of choice, easy, timeless and the old fashioned brew of choice.

Mostly b’s: You are a flat white. A modern take on coffee, this originated in Australia and is a short but milky coffee. The trendy new kid on the block, this is a smooth strong burst of caffeine and a favourite amongst coffee fanatics.

Mostly c’s: You are an iced caramel latte. Easy going, super cool and refreshingly fun! This coffee doesn’t take itself too seriously, and is a summertime fav.

Mostly d’s: The base of all coffee’s – the espresso shot. An intense, strong burst of coffee, varying in flavour and scents from beans all round the world. Energetic and rich!


All this talk of coffee got you thirsty? Or thinking you want to branch out and try something new? We make all these delicious coffees and more and would love to help you find your perfect drink next time you're in store!

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