Top Ten Pancake Toppings

history of pancake day
history of pancake day

I cannot express my love for food, and for the days in our yearly calendar that are dedicated to food. But there is one day of the year which steals my heart above all other food-heaven holidays, and that day, is Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day).


The final binge before lent. A day literally dedicated to clearing out your cupboards and consuming as much dairy, eggs, and carbs as humanly possible, which coincidentally make up the ingredients for pancakes. What’s not to love?!


The decision to make pancakes is an easy one, a no-brainer, but the the task becomes difficult when choosing what toppings to have on top. To make it easier I’ve compiled a list of the top ten pancake toppings so that all that’s left for you to do is to dig out the ingredients from that cupboard, fridge, shelf, or freezer and chow down.



SO without further ado…



10. Ice Cream

 ice cream

If you’re searching for that summer feeling in spring look no further than our gentle friend, gelato, to top off those lovingly warm pancakes.


9.Goats Cheese, Rocket, and Caramelised Red Onion Chutney

 savooury pancakes

Not much of sweetheart? More of a savoury soul? This classic combo is sure to satisfy those salty cravings.


8. Strawberries and Cream

 straw and cream

I’m sure many of you much like myself as a child remember visiting your gran on some sunny Saturday and being handed a bowl of fresh strawberries with cream and a generous sprinkling of that good ol’ sugar. The sweetness, the smoothness, and that sharp tart tingle to round it all off. The first experience for many that sparks each tastebud and ignites a whole new palate. Every now and then we just can’t help but revisit those old flavours, and gorge on nostalgia.


7. Greek Yogurt, Honey, and Berries

 healthy pancakes

Okay, now I’ll be honest… moderation isn’t really a word I understand or practice, but there are occasions in this life where the little, humble things in life are all you need. And that’s not to say that these toppings lack in flavour in any way! It is the sheer natural beauty of these ingredients that sings so loudly. So you get on that stage and sing, honey!


6. Chocolate Chips

 choc chip pancakes2

For all the chocoholics out there –“hi, my name’s Shoe, and im a chocoho…”- this one’s for you (us). Sprinkle them all over the top of some fresh, warm pancakes and watch your worries melt away in the sweetest way. But, I think the best way to make chocolate chip pancakes is to mix quadruple the amount of chocolate chips that any recipe suggests into the pancake batter for some SERIOUSLY ooey, gooey, beautiful pancakes. Don’t forget to mix up your chocolates by adding a variety of white, milk, and dark chocolate chips! Show some love for the whole family!


5. Blueberry

bluberry pancakes 

In my eyes, blueberries are essentially natures chocolate chips, which is why I love them sooo much. All the same mouth feel and sweetness with way less cavities. There’s something super magical about biting into a blueberry and experiencing that explosion of juicy goodness that really gets the flavour party kicking, without the usual sugar lows of our harder-hitting cocoa flavoured lover.


4. Nutella

 nutella pancake

BIG hot plates, BIG jars of nutella. You know the ones! The ones that draw you in whilst walking down any food market in Europe. Remember those crepes? So skilfully spread across and folded like origami by some beautiful European stranger. I’m not talking superficial beauty here. I’m talking the kind of beauty where ones hands move so quick and delicate, where one’s generosity in smothering the crepe with nutella is enough to make you fall in love before you’ve even tasted it. Nutella, Europe, I love you.


3. Banana

 banana pancakes

If it wasn’t for Gwen Stefani, a large majority of the world would be unable to spell, “its bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S”. I am unashamedly one of them!  And if it wasn’t for Jack Johnson I would never have stumbled across the sweet, fluffy, cosy comfort of banana pancakes on that rainy Sunday, rolling around in young love. I’d like to dedicate this one to all my high-school sweethearts.


2. Lemon and Icing Sugar

 lemon and sugar

What James Dean and Marilyn Monroe were to Hollywood, Lemon and Icing Sugar is to the pancake world. Classic and alluring with a flavour profile that hits all the right spots. So whether you’re a rebel without a cause or just really like it hot, these sweet and sour starlets are sure to please. DON'T FORGET THE BUTTER.


1.Bacon and Maple Syrup

 maple bacon pancakes

The sweet and sour combination has been loved for decades. But there’s been a new kid on the block in recent years… SWEET AND SALTY (yes, the caps are very much necessary)! There is no other contender in this specific department of pancake toppings other than maple syrup and bacon. The treacle sweetness of that maple syrup combined with the smoky salt sensation that is bacon is quite literally worthy of a Noble Peace Prize, an Oscar, and a Grammy all in the same night.


You are welcome.



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