New Student in Bristol? Advice for a Fresher


Being a fresher and moving to a new city is an exciting part of someone’s life, but nonetheless daunting! There is the initial panic after results day of sorting your accommodation, what to leave at home and what the take with you to your student digs and whether you’ll like your new housemates.

We have complied a guide for newbies to Bristol to make your move to the next stage in your life slightly easier; from furnishing your room to the best post-night out food outlets there are various Bristol ‘gems’ that will help you settle in to this magnificent city.



BEDROOM: Your bedroom will be your safe haven after days of lectures, a hangover space and inevitably also become a study space so you want it to be perfect! There are a number of ways you can decorate your room whilst keeping to budget and in some cases saving the environment. Here are two examples to help you but Bristol is teaming with places to help you furnish your room.

  1. Freecycle is an excellent way to fill your space for free! People advertise their items online in order to recycle them by donating to other people. If you furnish your room using this you are not only improving your space and making it more homely but also helping be green! Bonus!
  2. Stationary World, Park Street is there for all your stationary and studying needs. They offer a very reasonable student discount and as suggested in the name they stock a lot of very useful items to aid studying! They also have a printing service so if you are stuck in a long queue in the library they are there for you.



TRANSPORT: It will take you a few weeks of lectures to work out how long you can stay in bed before you can leave to get to uni for your lectures on time so you want to make sure you can get there as quickly and cheaply as possible! Bristol is well known for its love of bikes- we have YoBikes which are an affordable way of getting around without having to buy a bike yourself. You simply download an app, scan a QR code and off you go! This will make your journey to uni so much quicker (maybe giving you an extra 10 mins in bed!). Alternatively you can buy a bicycle from a number of outlets including Bike UK situated on the Clifton triangle with a discount for anyone with an NUS card. If cycling is not your thing then First Bus offer students discounts as well.




PRE-DRINKS: Bristol has a bustling nightlife which students enjoy all year round. There are countless places for pre-drinks offering student deals and other offers.

  1. A favourite, situated just off of Park Street, is the White Harte, perfectly situated opposite the university and adjacent to Park Street which holds many of Bristol’s favourite night time venues, the White Harte offers reasonably priced drinks and free phone charging- an essential for those Snapchat stories!
  2. A favourite close to our heart is Racks Bar and Kitchen situated in the wine cellar of the Clifton Hotel. For only £2.50 you can grab a glass of prosecco between 12 and 7 Monday to Friday- the perfect way to treat yourself. With a large terrace you can enjoy excellent drinks with all of your friends.


POST NIGHT OUT FOOD: Arguably the best part of a night out is the food after. We are spoilt for choice here in Bristol with food available from all over the world. There are some particular student favourites though to remember…

  1. Taka Taka is arguably the most well known take away for any student in Bristol. The ‘Magic Roll’ is a particular favourite to gorge on and located opposite the Wills Memorial Building so not far to walk either!
  2. Wok to Walk is another haunt that many students frequent after their nights out. Open till 2am Friday and Saturday you can invent your own recipes to have exactly what you fancy after your night out- they also have vegan and vegetarian options to suit everyone’s needs.

Coffee Machine


PLACES TO CHILL:                                  

Caffe Clifton offers students 10% all year round and this year 20% off in freshers week. So bring your new flat mates for a smoothie, coffee and a cake and bond in a relaxed atmosphere with staff who can give you top tips about living in Bristol!

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