How To Survive Your First Semester At University


Bristol is currently welcoming thousands of bright eyed and bushy tailed first year students to the city. While the first semester is undoubtedly the time to let your hair down, it should also be thetime for freshers to get to grips with living away from home and taking responsibility.  

Hangovers: however hard you may try to avoid them, hangovers are an inevitable part of starting university and they aren’t fun!! First of all, rehydrate with plenty of water, add in a paracetamol or two if the head is still pounding, and get yourself some fresh air! Why not come and join us for a banana and blueberry smoothie, packed with vitamins and antioxidants, sure to set you on the road to recovery and get you ready for another night on the town!!

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Money: you will quickly learn that money doesn’t grow on trees! To make sure you’ve got enough money to see you through to Christmas, you will have to do some serious budgeting! That’s not to say you can’t treat yourself from time to time, why not make use of money saving apps such as Wriggle and Too Good To Go which can be used at Caffe Clifton to maximize your indulgences!

 Deadlines: for many students, deadlines mean one thing: COFFEE!! Late nights at your laptop and hours re-reading the same paragraph can wipe you out. At Caffe Clifton all our coffees come with double shots as standard, to be sure to give you that much needed caffeine hit!

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Workspace: the novelty of working in your new rooms or heading to the library to work with your course mates quickly wears off. Establish yourself with a go-to workspace, here at Caffe Clifton we have fast Wifi, plenty of seating and cosy corners as well as an extensive menu to keep you going, why not make use of our brain boosting tea when you hit an essay writing wall?

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Your first term will undoubtedly have its ups and downs, but rest assured, you will always find a friendly face and hot cup of (double shot) coffee at Caffe Clifton!




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