Groovy Things To Do With Crème Eggs

xreme eggs4
xreme eggs4



Ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh! We are egg-cited as shell for this one! As if Easter wasn’t great enough with it’s spring bunnies, lambs, and daffodils… But we all know the best part is the eggs. Specifically Easter eggs. Even more specifically, Crème Eggs.

In our eyes the Crème Eggs came waaaay before the boring ol’ chicken and egg! Crème Eggs are the source of all amazing things in this world! And so to show our appreciation for these god-like ovoid treats, we have compiled a list of egg-cellent recipes to help you get the most out of your eggs this Easter. How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours like this…..


 1. Crème Egg Brownies

Creme Egg brownies

Double the eggs for any ol’ brownie recipe by adding the crème kind, adding an ooey-gooey-um-didelee-umcious layer of sugary goodness scattered throughout the brownies.


2. Scotch Crème Eggs

 scotch creme eggs 1

We love putting a sweet spin on a typically savoury snack, and these scotch Crème Eggs are the perfect paradox to their savoury sibling. Simply wrap your Crème Eggs in the loving batter that is of the brownie or cookie kind, bake in the oven, let them cool before dipping them in melted chocolate, and finally roll them in some crushed nuts or shaved chocolate.


3. Scrambled Crème Egg Ganache

 creme egg on toast

For those days when the April showers are a cat and dogging it down, be sure to catch a cosy vibe with some warm Crème Eggs on toast with this scrambled Crème Egg ganache. Simply warm some butter, add the Crème Eggs, melt, and mix in some double cream until your ready to dip or smother some form of carbs into the nectar.


4. Crème Egg Fruit Salad

 creme egg fruit salad

For all our friends who worship their body as a temple…of Crème Eggs. This one’s for you and that summer bod. Simply cut up your favourite fruits, place in a bowl, crush up a couple of  Crème Eggs and top it off!


5. Crème Egg Milkshake

 Creme Egg Milkshake 7

Okay, so here’s one we’ll definitely be adding to the menu this Eeaster! Crème Eggs have a habit of getting us sticky-icky and downright filthy when all that ooey gooey goodness gets all over you….so for the on-the-go movers and Crème Egg consumers, we give you….The Crème Egg milkshake!!!


6. Crème Eggs And Soldiers (aka chocolate fingers)

 creme egg

Remember those days of old when the comforting breakfast of runny eggs and soldiers could set you up for any day and all possibilities? Well this breakfast could set you up for a lifetime of possibilities! Simply chop the top off of a Crème Eggs and grab yourself a box of their Cadbury companions, those Chocolate Fingers, and dip away! Feel free to use your god-given fingers if the chocolate kind are your "thing" (they're everyones "thing").

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