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A quick Google (and your own brain!) would tell you that different days of the week…well they feel different.

Mondays really do feel like Mondays – it’s not just you! According to research compiled in an article in Good Housekeeping magazine – Tuesdays and Wednesdays are typically ‘non-descript’, and Thursdays are ‘dull’ and ‘boring’. Fridays on the other hand are associated with winding down, parties and socialising.

So that feeling when you think it ‘feels like a Thursday’ and then you get completely thrown off when you realise its actually Wednesday – that’s a real thing! And nothing throws you off knowing what day of the week it is like a bank holiday weekend, as appreciated as they are.

With that in mind, we at Caffe Clifton have created a new range of weekly offers just for you, that are sure to help you through the week. Our £1.50 coffees on a Monday are exactly what you need to start the week right, and with our afternoon tea deal, Thursdays will never be boring again!



Monday Motivation!

Start your week right with any regular coffee for just £1.50. We get our coffee from Clifton Coffee Roasters. These guys are based just down the road in Avonmouth and roast all of their beans on site. It doesn’t get more local than that!

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Cream Tea Tuesdays

Nothing beats a cream tea. We like ours served warm, with a good size dollop of clotted cream, and jam. Try this with Darjeeling Earl Grey loose leaf tea from TeaPigs for a proper British treat! All this will set you back by just £3.50 on a Tuesday.

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Wednesday Breakfast Club

Wednesday mornings can be a pretty bleak prospect…is it really only half way through the week?! The thing to see you through? Pain au chocolat and freshly brewed coffee.

A coffee, pastry or toast and a piece of fruit is just £3.50 on a Wednesday.

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Thursday: Afternoon Tea for £13.50

Afternoon teas are not just for special occasions! They are the perfect treat in the middle of the week.

Indulge yourself any Thursday to our lovely afternoon tea: scones with jam and cream, finger sandwiches, a selection of cakes, tea and elderflower bubbly (or prosecco for an extra £4 if you’re feeling a treat!) for just £13.50.

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‘Forget the packed lunch!’ Friday

It’s Fri-yay! But let’s face it, the groceries in your kitchen cupboard are probably running pretty low by this point in the week.

Option 1: Attempt to create an inspiring packed lunch using the crispy, stale wrap that remains in the pack, final scraping of humus, and the slightly wobbly stick of celery that remain in the deepest depths of your fridge…

Option 2: Come and say hi to your friendly local baristas, let them sort you out with a fresh toastie, crisps, fruit and a drink, curl up in a comfy seat and see the weekend in properly!

This meal deal is just a fiver on a Friday.

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