4 Vegan Lunch Ideas to Keep You Feeling Fresh This Veganuary


4 Vegan Lunch Ideas to Keep You Feeling Fresh This Veganuary


So you’ve decided to give Veganuary a go? Here’s how to lunch like a true plant-based pro.

Over the past few years veganism has become less of a trend and more of a sustainable way of life for many people and the planet in which we live. Despite its ever-increasing popularity the transition from eating an animal-based diet to a plant-based one can prove to be a tough task.  Especially when trying to balance and juggle the important business of everyday life.

Lunch IS that important business.

Many of us live our work-days ‘on-the-go’, meaning it can be difficult to find the right nutritious and delicious dish to hit our bellies when midday strikes. Here at Caffe Clifton we’ve scoured countless recipes and ideas to compile this list of the perfect easy vegan lunchtime options to satisfy those cravings, and keep you running on quality fuel this January. What better way to start the year than feeling bright and beautiful?


1. Hummus


Hummus is perhaps the mother of all vegan snacks. Pair this creamy dip with toasted pita bread and vegetable sticks for a seriously simple and nutritious lunch time nibble. Alongside being incredibly delicious hummus is also very high in protein and fibre, contains ingredients which act as anti inflammatory, and can also help regulate blood sugar. At Caffe Clifton we’re currently serving up a tasy toastie filled with hummus, rocket, and tomato for a perfectly balanced vegan-lunch.


2. Dried Mango


For when you’re in need of something to satisfy that sweet tooth, reach for the dried mango. Not only is it full of nutrients, but it’s also easy to store and keep at work. Just keep it in your desk drawer and snack as you please.

Tip: Mixing dried fruit and nuts also makes for a great sweet treat.

The zingy mango flavour is all the sunshine January needs, So come on into Caffe Clifton for the perfect tropical smoothie. A little cup of sunshine!


3. Nut Butters

Nut Butters

People often spread their nut butters over a lovely piece of toast, but nut butters have far more potential. Once you start to perceive them as dips as well as spreads your life will change dramatically. Celery is the perfect companion for these dips and totally guilt free!

Tip: Fill the hollow of the celery with the nut butter and sprinkle with raisins for a deliciously quirky bite to eat.

Nuts in general are a great alternative to animal proteins which is why Caffe Clifton offers Almond milk as part of our milk alternatives selection.


4. Kale Chips

kale chips

If you find yourself with 30 minutes to spare in the kitchen, why not whip up some easy kale chips? All you need is some kale, olive oil (sesame oil is delicious), seasoning, and spices of your choice. Place it in the over for around half an hour and you have yourself a healthy alternative to crisps!

However, if your hankering for the humble potato chip won’t cease, Caffe Clifton offer the perfect sweet chilli crisps that are suitable for the month of Veganuary.

So whether you’re a vegan for the month or life, we’ve got you covered.  Caffe Clifton offers a good range of vegan options. So whether it’s a light bight or a cheeky treat (we all need them), come in and share your experience of Veganuary!



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